August 2, 2006

Review: A Cloud Mireya | Singular

A Cloud Mireya -- SingularGuillermo Scott Herren, the artist and label head better known as Prefuse 73, next month will issue two records on his Eastern Developments label that share an endearingly quirky sensibility and are well worth hearing: A Cloud Mireya's Singular and Icy Demons' Tears Of A Clone. We'll discuss the latter at length in a separate review. Singular is the fruit of a long buzzed-about, three-year collaboration between Herren and former On!Air!Library! singer Claudia Deheza. The resulting dozen gorgeous tracks sound as fans of Herren and On!Air!Library! might expect: strands of breathy vocals are tucked into a bed of gentle melody that vibrates with smart but subdued electronic rhythm tracks even after your quarters have run out. It is in no way a slight to Ms. Deheza that you could strip her vocals out and still have a very compelling Scott Herren record that draws sonically from seemingly all of the elements of his various projects. Even so, whether A Cloud Mireya's compositions are built on guitars or looped field recordings (or, more typically, both of those and much more), the focus never drifts far from Deheza's arresting voice.

In places Herren's production is more organic than you might expect: guitars and live drums are at the fore of the pleasant swayer "Those Nights." And at times ("Wasted Time," the beginning of the amazing and almost album-side length "Bliss Inseclusion") A Cloud Mireya's music recalls earlier work of :: clicky clicky :: favorite French schoolteacher/electronic music luminary Colleen, as the voices at work share some similarities. Anyway, Singular is an ideal summer record, but unfortunately it won't be released until Sept. 12, darn near the end of summer. For an idea of what you are missing, hit the act's MySpace page below, although the last time we checked it seemed like none of the available tracks were from Singular. Incidentally, Deheza and her sister have a new musical concern called School Of Seven Bells with Secret Machines' Benjamin Curtis. So keep an ear out for that.

A Cloud Mireya | MySpace
A Cloud Mireya | Hype Machine

[You can't pre-order A Cloud Mireya's Singular yet]

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