August 12, 2008

Today's Hotness: Geographer, Mobius Band, The Wannadies

Geographer -- Innocent Ghosts>> It seems like recently everything reminds us of The Ocean Blue. First came The Hush Now's self-titled record we reviewed yesterday. And today we consider indie pop act Geographer, which will release next week the full-length Innocent Ghosts. Something in the bright, clear guitar, empty space and reverbs and easy, light vocals suggests to us the first two records of the aforementioned The Ocean Blue. The San Francisco trio's Innocent Ghosts is a little uneven, but a few of the tracks, including the dazzling opener "Can't You Wait," have been sticking with us of late. "Can't You Wait," which was apparently released as the A-side of a single earlier this year, touts a thumping kick drum, crystalline guitar notes, bowed cello and tasteful synths. Fronter Mike Deni's gentle vocal floats just above the mix. Elsewhere a female vocalist takes the lead on certain tracks (it works best on "Underneath My Heart") although no women are listed as current band members, which makes things a little confusing. But Geographer nails it on the uptempo material (including the urgent, synthy "Each Other's Ghost") and particularly on "Can't You Wait." The band has been cool enough to let us offer the track below. Innocent Ghosts will be self-released Aug. 17; Geographer plays a record release show the same day at Cafe Du Nord in its home town.

Geographer -- "Can't You Wait" -- Innocent Ghosts
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>>'s The Interview Show has a fairly funny interview with Clicky Clicky faves The Mobius Band posted at its site right here. The interview covers a lot of familiar territory and rehashes the press materials that promoted the band's excellent 2007 release Heaven. But the band is amusing and open to answering the questions, so even if you know Mobius Band frontwards and backwards as we do, it is still a good way to spend a half hour.

>> Speaking of favorite bands, if these pictures [1, 2, 3, 4] are any indication, apparently Swedish indie pop giants The Wannadies recently performed live despite being on hiatus for years. Or maybe the pictures are old? Our Swedish is not good (well, non-existent), and there is no information at the band's MySpace hacienda. Just look at the pretty pictures and then watch the video for their best song "Hit" right here. We wonder who directed this video, and why that person doesn't direct every single music video ever made.

>> RCRDLBL blog has a new MP3 from The New Year's forthcoming self-titled set for the track "The Company I Can Get." The track is solid, certainly no great surprise except perhaps for the more prominent piano track. But alongside the MP3 the blog has posted separate interviews with primary band members Matt and Bubba Kadane that are well worth reading. Check it all out here.

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