November 4, 2003

"The distance is quite simply much too far" - death cab for cutie

So I just had to memorialize this one, but first some background. Back in the early 90s when I was down with WPRS 24-7 we had this extreme appreciation for things that connoted how "down" you were, "down" at that point meaning something more like hardcore to the point that you just don't give a shit, as opposed to the current figurative usage indicating comradeship. Anyhoo, Tr0y wrote me an email yesterday that made me laff out loud, the salient part being:

Heard the new Strokes in THE MALL looking for $1.00 jazz tapes for my car, yeah that's right my car has a TAPE deck and I'm buying $1.00 used/cut-out jazz tapes to listen to while crusing around Lancaster, you should see the fucking collection I've already amassed ... cassettes are worthless, no-one wants them, thank the Lord for eBay!!!

Tr0y doesn't give A FUCK -- he's rocking tapes in the Tr0ymobile like it is '83 and NOT JUST ANY TAPES, he is buying goddamn $1 USED CUT-OUT TAPES!!! That is down in the circa 91 sense. Bonus points for Mr. Monkey then.

Other points of note: Kumar beat P. Diddy in the New York marathon while listening to a hot rock mix detailed here. "Evil Eye" by the almighty Fu is featured -- I imagine I could run an entire marathon just listening that number, it really gets the rock juices pumping.

I was minding my own business watching Music Choice on the idiot box the other night and caught a live set by Depeche Mode fronter gone solo David Gahan. And I have to say I thought it was pretty damn good, with emphasis on grimy sort of dark rock. I may be inspired to peruse the bins for a used copy of his solo joint, released last summer. On stage doing his rock stuff Gahan acts a little bit like Ozzy, it is kind of weird.

Finally, I am a guy that owns no records by The Fall. Which one is an imperative buy?

That is all.

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