September 29, 2004

"I can't explain the sheepish grin in the mirror..." - Small 23

Here is the playlist from my first two-hour webcast last night:

1. Ad Council - WESU PSA "Ridiculous."
2. The Inside of the Outside/The Outside of the Inside - Echo
3. They Might Be Giants - Hey Mr. DJ I Thought You Said We Had A Deal
4. Volcano, I'm Still Exited!! - In Green
5. Xiu Xiu - Ceremony
6. The Lemonheads - Anyway
7. The Halo Bit - Stay Away For Awhile
8. Archers of Loaf - Scenic Pastures
9. Bigger Lovers - Half Richards
10. The Fall-Outs - Zombie
11. Karl Hendricks Trio - Foolish Words of a Woman in Love
12. Torgo - Hands to Ribbons (Live)
13. T.W. Walsh - Top of the Food Chain
14. Garden Variety - Clean Sheets
15. The Small Hours - Something About Coffee
16. Schneider TM - Frogstears
17. The Trouble With Sweeney - That's What I Was Wearing That Day
18. Modest Mouse - Baby Blue Sedan
19. Kam Fong - Get Behind Me (Satan)
20. Wendyfix - Ridge
21. The New Year - 18
22. Eggs - Rebuilding Europe [Request]
23. Interpol - Untitled
24. Psychedelic Furs - Until She Comes
25. Belle & Sebastian - The Model
26. Shannon Worrell - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
27. Me + Dave - Adam's Living Room
28. Manta Ray - Speaking to Me Through My Self
29. Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - Twisted
30. Silkworm - Garden City Blues
31. Texas Is The Reason - If It's Here When We Get Back, It's Ours
32. Dinosaur Jr. - Whatever's cool With Me
33. Kptmichigan - Fon

Tune in next week for more of the same, with perhaps an extended section of live cuts.

That is all.


Jay said...

Yo dood,

You need to post a Torgo MP3. That's one of your old bands, right? I'd be innarested in hearing some of that stuff.

--Truck Livin' Guy

jbreitling said...

I'll try to do that over the weekend or something, if'n I can't get to it tonight. But I might have time tonight. Much like with the Fong, there is a two-disc Torgo retrospective in the works. I just need to rip two more tracks the next rainy weekend that comes round.

Steel said...

I love that you played "ridiculous." So many great memories with that one. Will a mix-CD be in the works?

jbreitling said...

Listen in to RTH ( every week at 9PM EST, as I sign on with that PSA for each show in lieu of having a theme song, tho I have been pondering having a theme song too. Anyway, I do a mix CD every month, as a matter of fact. As much as I love you, I am loathe to take on additional subscribers for that, as I have been hoping the program, which I dub the Music Education Program, would take on secondary distribution independent of me. By which I mean to say, you should bug Housher or Logie to burn you copies of my monthly effort. As it would be cool if the discs were passed along in a chain-letter kind of way. Or you should come visit Beantown and I will burn you off a whole collection of them in one fell swoop.

jbreitling said...

Err, every Tuesday, that is. For my show on RTH.