October 16, 2004

"You're so bored with Tv. Radio. Video. Audio." - Unwound

As faithful readers will know, one of my ongoing missions is to replace the literally hundreds of audio cassettes filled with indie rock from the 90s with digital and/or CD copies of the same music. I now officially endorse EMusic as the best way to go about doing this. Last night I scored long-time favorite records by Blonde Redhead, La Mia Vita Violenta, and by Flying Saucer Attack, Distance, two items that have been languishing on cassette in Yeungling boxes in the basement storage space. And the per-song cost is something like $.25 per song via the cheapest Emusic plan. I also scored some Unwound, including the record Leaves Turn Inside You, which I have been meaning to get for a few years. An excellent record.

I spent much of yesterday excruciatingly hung over, and for a while at work yesterday morning the only way I could deal with myself is by listening to Ambulance LTD's "Stay Where You Are" on repeat. Great song. For some reason I also started to think about hardcore music. I got four exceptional Swiz tracks off of EMusic last night, too, including "Ghost," which totally blew my mind when I heard it in 1991. All their stuff was compiled on the posthumous release No Punches Pulled.

Apparently Ryan Pitchfork left all of Pitchforkmedia.com's business files on a public server, which some kids found and detailed in this Hipinions forum thread. Pretty interesting stuff. Apparently the Fork pulls in about $20K a month in ad sales. Epitaph has been their largest advertiser of late. Also, unfortunately, all of Schreiber's personal emails and credit card info and other stuff were publicly available. It was sort of a dick move for these guys to post all this stuff, but it makes for intersting reading.

Stereogum had a funny bit with David Cross and Eugene Mirman this week that talked about indie rock and stuff. Check it out.

Finally, Radio TeapotHill is still transitioning to its new location, and as a result I don't believe I will be webcasting this coming Tuesday. I've got a lot of great stuff lined up for the following week, however, so keep the faith.

That is all.

UPDATE: Just back from Miss Lalstar's wedding and watching the Sox struggle, down 11-6 in the 5th. What the Sox need is some rock. Here is that Swiz song, Ghost. Also, here is a great Blonde Redhead song, Violent Life. Enjoy. And if you like 'em, go buy more stuff at EMusic.com.

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