January 22, 2006

"Everyone knows everything..." - Lilys

So just an update on the Junkmedia situation, in case you read the last post about it being down. We're back up and running, and I've been blogging since the 16th. The larger Junkmedia publication is likely going to be overhauled with the blog as its main focus which is cool. No telling when that will happen, but hopefully the laundry list of technical improvements (searchability, RSS feed, etc.) will be enacted during that process. Oh yeah, one more thing: Junkmedia's email is still offline as a result of the underlying technical issues (malicious infiltration of the back end of the site via the old JM message boards, which I guess were still lurking on in the background of the site). So if you have found your way here and want to speak to me regarding World of Sound business, please email me at worldofsound at gmail dot com.

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