February 16, 2008

Today's Hotness: Wendyfix, Destroyer, Woods [UPDATED]

>> As you can see from the video above, Wendyfix-amania has taken firm hold at I Am Not Afraid Of You, resulting in the YouTubalization of the extant music videos for the defunct mid-'90s indie rock trio. The clip supra is for the track "Swinging Softly" and features nice performance footage -- well, staged performance footage, but still, it's all we've got -- of the act within a concept piece (the concept of which we've never quite fully grasped). The payoff shot of the cardboard figures rotating on the turntable and their shadows stretching across the ceiling steals the show. In fact, we would have liked to have seen more of that in the clip. Once you've watched "Swinging Softly," you can hit this link to view the video for "Pillowhead." Formerly this one was only available via Yahoo's Launch.com. Given the cuts that are going on in the Yahoo Music franchise of late it was probably high time to get "Pillowhead" available on a different channel. One mystery remains: what is the alleged third Wendyfix video? We'll just have to wait and see. UPDATE: Well, we didn't have to wait long, as the RSS reader just bubbled up the final video for the tune "Ridge." Check it out here.

>> As Mr. 'Nac also noted here in his Friday Music Miscellany, a Boston (well, Boston-ish) tour stop for Destroyer has finally been set. Dan Bejar and his cohorts will play The Middle East in Cambridge April 21. And speaking of Merge acts and the Middle East, new signees Wye Oak, who we wrote about here last month, will perform at the club Friday, Feb. 22. With big shows from Ringo Deathstarr, Say Hi and Evangelicals the following week, we're not sure if we've the stamina to add a fourth to our slate, but we're strongly considering. Wye Oak's Merge debut streets April 8; Destroyer's Trouble In Dreams will be in stores next month.

>> Meneguar's creepier, folksier side-project Woods launch a rare strand of tour dates next month to support the forthcoming release of Woods Family Creeps. Woods counts among its numbers Jeremy and Christian from Meneguar, and its touring unit also includes Meneguar's Jarvis Taverniere. Woods Family Creeps will be issued by Portland, ME-based Time Lag Records, although we could not find a release date anywhere. Confirmed tour dates are listed at Woods' MySpace lean-to here. Speaking of Meneguar, a review of the FuckItTapes and Woodsist web pages reveals a listing for a forthcoming LP titled The In Hour to be released as Woodsist 013. No release date was immediately discernible for that, either.

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