March 18, 2008

Today's Hotness: Big Science, The Sundays, Archers Of Loaf

Big Science
>> San Diego-based post-hardcore trio The North Atlantic is no longer, but according to a recent MySpace bulletin the band has split into two different acts. One of these is the quartet Big Science based out of Chicago, and we are digging heavily the demos the band has posted at its MySpace dojo here. In particular we are grooving to the layered vocals and insistent rhythm of the track "DNC." We're not certain how to describe Big Science's music. There's a looseness of the arrangements -- particularly on "My Career As A Ghost" -- that kind of reminds us of the more radio friendly Talking Heads stuff, although we also hear some British New Wave influence. It becomes less and less of a surprise the more you listen that the first influence Big Science namechecks at MySpace is Big Country. Honestly, were it not for some flat drum production we'd say these demos are worthy of release right now. You're definitely going to hear a lot about Big Science in the future. We reviewed The North Atlantic's Wires In The Walls here in July 2006.

>> If we had it all to do over again, one thing we would have done more of is hang out with the guy who bought an ice cream truck and sold ice cream around the campus of the second small liberal arts college we attended. The guy was into The Church Of The Subgenius and liked Brit indie pop sensations The Sundays and had me out to his place to shoot pool one night. Anyway, here's to you ice cream dude, whose name we know but aren't mentioning because, hey, he's a private citizen. Here is The Sundays performing "Here's Where The Story Ends" live on French radio, December 15, 1992. Incidentally, years later Sundays bassist Paul Brindley freelanced for the dot-com we worked at back at the turn of the century and we had a chance to chat several times on the phone. Small world.

The Sundays -- "Here's Where The Story Ends" -- France Inter FM Radio Black Session, 12/15/1992
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>> If you are too young or just hopelessly uncool, you might not be familiar with the superlative, defunct, legendary indie rock quartet Archers Of Loaf. Fortunately for you, the blog Old Fart At Play runs down the facts and posts some music here. Definitely grab that "Harnessed In Slums" single, if only to save yourself the trouble of ripping your own vinyl.

>> Turns out Glaswegian indie rock quartet Frightened Rabbit are opening next Monday's Sons And Daughters show at the Middle East Rock Club in Cambridge. We don't know how we missed that, but fear not: we intend to be there and will provide our usual coverage. Scroll down for our review of FR's forthcoming sophomore set The Midnight Organ Fight.

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