June 21, 2008

Today's Hotness: The Seascape, Frightened Rabbit, Feist

The Seascape
>> We've got ExitFare to thank for bringing upstart indie pop trio The Seascape to our attention in April. The young Darien, Connecticut-based act has posted a new track, "Things To Do," to its MySpace hutch. It's a deliciously scritchy number that echoes notable English post-punk. "Things To Do" teases with cascading arpeggiation and then dives into a punchy series of verses and choruses held aloft on a familiar Mancunian bass bounce. The tune bridles the enticing sprawl of earlier tracks The Seascape sent us, but is no less punchy. And the singer -- we're not sure which of the three band principles is the fronter -- sounds increasingly sure without approaching cocksure. The Seascape's development is particularly exciting, as the gents -- as far as know -- are all still in their teens, are already making notable music, and have potentially many years ahead before they have to hitch up to a corporate feedbag and throw money down the ol' mortgage chute. We look forward to hearing more, but for now catch the stream of "Things To Do" at the link below.

The Seascape -- "Things To Do (stream)" -- MySpace

>> Selkirk, Scotland's Frightened Rabbit continue to circumnavigate North America in support of its recent release The Midnight Organ Fight [review], and there is no shortage of bloggilation occurring in its wake. The quartet will perform during an acoustic set Sunday The Midnight Organ Fight in its entirety; the performance will occur at Long Beach, Calif.'s Fingerprints record store at 2PM. Fans who'd like to make the scene must RSVP by telephone. Talk about old, old fashioned. Fronter Scott Hutchison recently gave an interview to the blog I Am Fuel, You Are Friends that you can read right here. Therein Mr. Hutchison describes his writing process, what it's like performing wrenching material now written about experiences that grow ever more remote and his coloring-book strategy. Frightened Rabbit recorded a session for KEXP in Los Angeles on the 18th which will likely be available for streaming from the archives in a matter of days. The band plays Cambridge, Mass.'s T. T. The Bear's July 1 with new SubPop signees Oxford Collapse. We'll say it again: that's a hot line-up. We reviewed previous FR shows here and here. If you haven't done so yet, how about a taste of the FR?

Frightened Rabbit -- "Head Rolls Off" -- The Midnight Organ Fight
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[buy The Midnight Organ Fight from Newbury Comics right here]

>> >> Posted here is a good Billboard profile of Arts + Crafts Records that examines what Feist's commercial success is enabling the label to do. We suppose someday we should buy a Feist record, if only because our man BW is a fan and we've enjoyed her appearances on late night television. Feist will be in Boston July 8 with the excellent Juana Molina, playing the open air mega-tent venue named after a bank overlooking the harbor. You know the one. Anyway, that also seems like an excellent bill.

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