August 19, 2008

Venice Is Sinking Re-emerges With Two New Records

[CORRECTED] So it took us several days but we've finally digested the lengthy email we received last week from Athens, Georgia's Venice Is Sinking. The superlative chamber pop quintet first hit our radar when some blog or other posted the demo track "Undecided" in early 2006. The song ended up on the full length Sorry About The Flowers the same year. In May 2007 the band began working on a follow-up, and after some protracted recording, line-up changes and other real-life business had its collective way with Venice Is Sinking, said follow-up is completed. It is called AZAR, and new tracks from the record are available for streaming at the fivesome's MySpace cabin here. When it rains, however, it pours: Venice Is Sinking has just finished mastering still another record. This set of even newer material was recorded live to two mics at the Georgia Theater in Athens, and the sessions were engineered by former Mercyland dude/Sugar bassist David Barbe.

So when will all this music be released? Venice Is Sinking isn't saying, although the email promises more information next month and perhaps only half-jokingly threatens a double album release on the order of Use Your Illusion, or more aptly Springsteen's Human Touch and Lucky Town one-two punch. The Georgia Theater record may even be released first. In the meantime, you can check out some spacey, solemn and beautiful new tracks (as well as some tour dates) at the aforementioned MySpace outpost. One new An older track, "Pulaski Heights" has been made available for download through CNET's, but we'll save you the trip and post it below.

Venice Is Sinking -- "Pulaski Heights" -- AZAR Sorry About The Flowers
Venice Is Sinking -- "Undecided (Demo)"
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[watch the Venice Is Sinking MySpace dojo for ordering information]

Mercyland -- "Who Hangs Behind Your Eyes?" -- Spillage/Life Before Sugar Ryko comp
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Big Gray said...

Hey! It's Lucas from Venice is Sinking. Pulaski Heights is actually from our first record, Sorry About The Flowers. Sorry if that was confusing. The tracks from AZAR are streaming on our MySpace.

Thanks for this!

Jay Breitling said...

Ha, my bad for not checking. The funny thing is the whole time I was listening to the song I was like, "this *really* sounds like their old stuff..." I'll throw a correction up tonight.