December 5, 2009

Be Prepared: A Weather | Everyday Balloons | 2 March

According to this recent item at Williamette Week's Local Cut blog, superlative slowcore combo A Weather will issue its sophomore set Everyday Balloons March 2 on the Team Love label. The set -- 11 tracks deep -- is apparently more guitar-heavy, which sounds like a good thing, although the tension and restraint of the band's first set was one of its strongest features. We know that "Lay Me Down" in the track listing posted below is not a cover of Grateful Dead's "To Lay Me Down," although we think it would be amazing if A Weather decided to take that on (as we've said before). The Portland, Ore-based quintet has continued a tradition of releasing a holiday track, and this year it offers at its MySpace cabin and on Williamette Week's Another Grey Christmas 3 comp a version of the standard "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Last year's track was "Winter Wonderland," which we are posting below. We reviewed A Weather's 2008 debut Cove here, and named it one of the best records of the rapidly waning decade here.

A Weather -- "Winter Wonderland" -- 2008 Williamette Week holiday compilation
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Everyday Balloons:

1. Third of Life
2. Winded
3. Ducks
4. Seven Blankets
5. Midday Moon
6. Newfallen
7. No Big Hope
8. Fond
9. Happiness
10. Giant Stairs
11. Lay Me Down

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