January 11, 2010

YouTube Rodeo: Sir Yes Sir's "Not Excited"

We discovered the above video at London-based blog F*ckingDance an hour ago, and we can't stop listening to the track. "Not Excited" has a wall of guitars and a buried vocal and tons of attack and melody and harmonic noise and swirl and punch and flat-out awesomeness. We only turned on to Sir Yes Sir -- a trio containing Joseph Logan, Daniel Cowley and Sam Turner -- via Another Form of Relief last week. And while we liked the track AFOR posted ("Have I Hell," get it here), we are bonkers for "Not Excited." According to its MySpazzzz Sir Yes Sir will play with Johnny Foreigner in Manchester, England Feb. 2. That's a hot bill. Curiously, the Not Excited EP will apparently be released on *cassette tape* March 1 by the un-Google-able Hope Club Records. We're hoping the EP also makes its way into digital storefronts, preferably ones serving North America. We're selfish like that. With the rock.

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