February 14, 2010

Be Prepared: Screaming Maldini | And The Kookaburra | 22 Feb.

Sheffield, England-based progressive pop geniuses Screaming Maldini finally issue their debut EP in mere days via the charming English indie Alcopop! Two of And The Kookaburra's five panoramic tracks were previously circulated to the Internerrrds as demos a year ago, as we reported here. The three heretofore unheard tracks on And The Kookaburra are no less impressive and exhibit additional range (there's quiet, there's heavy) and patience. Not only is the intricacy (by which we mean incredible ease at making 5/4 pop music) and musicality (by which we mean incredible ease at making tuneful progressive pop music) of Screaming Maldini's debut startlingly impressive, but also the production is remarkably pro sounding (in a good way) for an indie act. Further, the band produces a decidedly British sound (singer Nick Maldini's voice even approximates Paul Weller's, and later-period Jam is not an inappropriate reference point for Screaming Maldini in general).

We're here to tell you that if you were blown away by the Sheffield sextet's demos of "The Extraordinary" and "Secret Sounds" last year -- as you should have been -- just wait until you hear the mini-epic "I Know That You Know That I Would Wipe That Snowflake From Your Eye." It's mind-bogglingly good. Alcopop! has very kindly consented to our offering you the new version of "The Extraordinary" for download, so make with the clicking and start listening forthwith. To promote the EP, Screaming Maldini launch a small circuit of live engagements around England on the eve of the its release; the complete tour itinerary is below. Alcopop! is offering a deal to the first 20 or so who seek it that packages the EP along with a t-shirt for something like 10 pounds.

Screaming Maldini -- "The Extraordinary" -- And The Kookaburra
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[pre-order And The Kookaburra from Alcopop right here]

Screaming Maldini: Internerds | MySpace | YouTube | Flickr

02.21 -- The Grapes -- Sheffield
02.22 -- The Old Blue Last -- London
02.23 -- The Albert -- Brighton
02.24 -- The Labour Club -- Northampton
02.25 -- The Cellar -- Oxford

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