June 17, 2010

YouTube Rodeo: The Henry Clay People Cover The 'Mats, Op Ivy

You'd think after the debacle posting The Henry Clay People's "Your Famous Friends" last week we'd be wary of posting another clip by the band. But you'd be thinking wrong. The L.A.-based act recently performed a live set at Fingertips, which we think is a record store somewhere, and at some point requests were taken, and the result is the awesome video above wherein The Henry Clay People tackle The Replacements' "Can't Hardly Wait" and -- astonishingly -- Operation Ivy's "Knowledge." Check it out. The Henry Clay People will play in Boston June 27 as part of commercial radio broadcaster WFNX's Clam Bake event, the details of which you can peruse here. We reviewed the band's recently released sophomore full-length Somewhere On The Golden Coast right here late last month.

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