February 28, 2011

YouTube Rodeo: The Beatings' "All The Things You've Been Missing"

Standout track from the band's stellar 2009 full-length Late Season Kids, which we lauded here. Back then we said of the tune, "[t]he redemptive caterwaul of co-fronter E.R. drives the album highlight "All The Things You've Been Missing" repeatedly into a chorus built on a scalding baptism of blaring, reverbed guitars. At the break-down he spits lines that recall Lloyd Dobbler dialogue, before spinning the song on its side like a bottle cap into a jabbing, acerbic coda." This new video was filmed in late 2010, and local denizens will recognize the stately environs of O'Brien's Pub as one of the settings. The clip is pretty straightforward in an early '80s MTV kinda vein, but the camera work gets more exciting as the song whips itself through terraced crescendos; in a way the best thing the cinematographer can do (and does) is get out of the way while The Beatings tear open a can of musical whomp-ass. Buy Late Season Kids from Midriff Records right here.

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