November 22, 2013

New Music Night 13 DJ Sets | River Gods | 21/22 Nov.

New Music Night 13, River Gods, Cambridge, Nov. 21/22, 2013

Hey there, ho there, heigh ho, heigh ho. Friday Friday Friday! We're trying to pump ourself up because we are super-tired. Fascinating and rare blogger insight, right? Anyway, that's not why you called. Here are the songs what we played whilst manning the figurative decks last night and into this morning in the booth at the fabulous River Gods in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. 'Nac and I spun the new sounds for the people, quite a crowd, unusual in that there were only a couple familiar faces. Who are all these other random people who like the new music? No matter, our playlist is below; if you have any questions or want to know more about the songs below, hit us on Twitter or drop a comment. Also, please click over to Bradley's Almanac and check out Brad's playlists for the 9PM and 11PM hours once he gets them online. #NewMusicNight 14 will come at you in 2014, which we totally planned (not really) because we are geniuses (really). Ready for more new in the oh-one-four? Sure you are.

Set 2 / 10PM / Jay
01. Calories -- "Tropics" -- III
[epic closer of superlative third record from Birmingham, England legends / download]
02. The Derevolutions -- "We Found That Beat"
[addictive lo-fi bouncer from Western Mass. / download]
03. School Shoes -- "Cults" -- digital single
[brilliant lo-fi dream-pop from upstart Boston sole practitioner / download]
04. The Fireworks -- "Runaround" -- Runaround 7"
[superfuzz / blogged / stream]
05. Winter -- "Find Me" -- Creechers
[Creech Records comp / download]
06. Pony Bones -- "3" -- Pony Bones
[can't even remember where we got this]
07. Mote -- "Pull Me Apart" -- "Dirty Water" b/w "Pull Me Apart"
[tremendous single from new Louisville guitar-pop act / stream]
08. Mean Creek -- "Johnny Allen" -- Local Losers
[local kids continue to make good with LP out in Jan.]
09. Matt Pryor -- "Kinda Go To Pieces" -- Wrist Slitter
[Get Up Kids guy goes solo, Alcopop! is releasing in the UK Dec. 2 / stream]
10. Butterknife -- "Goodnight, Goodbye" -- Attractions
[fresh Boston emo / download]
11. No Other -- "Destruction Song" -- I Believe In Werner Herzog EP
[bracing post-punk from new Philly consortium / blogged / stream]
12. Idiot Genes -- "Soaked Pillow" -- Lousey
[face-scraping fuzz delight from the Boston underground / download]
13. Work Drugs -- "Chemical Burns" -- digital single
['80s-soaked pop gem from Philadelphia outfit / download]
14. Gondoliers -- "Mackerel Hill" -- Tonight's Whispering
[just downright spooky / blogged / stream]
15. Lamps -- "Cooscoos" -- Alpine digital single
[minimal electronic bliss-out / blogged / download]
Set 4 / 12AM / Jay

01. Mutes -- "Memory Serves" -- Starvation Age
[return of the Birmingham, England ambient pop project / download]
02. New Dog -- "I'm Your Man" -- Lost Weekend
[great cover from a captivating record out at the end of the month / pre-order]
03. School Shoes -- "Dress" -- digital single
04. Joey Fourr -- "Luv Is In The Morning" -- Luv Is In The Morning EP
[back to the quirky lo-fi pop for the former Tubelord guy / download]
05. Warm Brains -- "Happy Accidents" -- digital single
[of-the-moment UK guitar-band producer Rory Atwell's own project resurfaces / download]
06. Gum -- "Sinking" -- 100 Club Series, Vol. 1
[first of a trio of excellent tracks from recent Oddbox singles / stream]
07. Martha -- "Sycamore" -- 100 Club Series, Vol. 1
[second of a trio of excellent tracks from recent Oddbox singles / stream]
08. Flowers -- "Joanna" -- 100 Club Series, Vol. 1
[third of a trio of excellent tracks from recent Oddbox singles / stream]
09. Black Seas -- "Counting Colours"
[mysterious project's latest is its best, highly recommended / download]
10. Future Wife -- "Leg Day" -- Hot Singles In Your Area
[more ambient perfection from Birmingham / download]
11. Dosh -- "We Are The Worst" -- Milk Money
[delightful / stream]

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