October 27, 2003

"ain't lost yet so I gotta be a winner" - the replacements

Yesterday seems to be the official opening of the season of hype for the new Strokes record, something I am looking forward to myself. My homey Drew Katchen has a solid review at Ye Olde Junkmedia.org, which takes much the same position as the Joan Anderman joint in the Globe over the weekend. Still waiting on a Pinback and Four Tet record in the mail from Amazon, too. It will be a big month for music methinks.

I saw the new Katie Holmes vehicle Pieces of April over the weekend and I can report that it is not utter shit. I was expecting nothing good, and this movie was solidly above average, which was a very pleasant surprise. We took in an early show Saturday evening and were back in the hood with ample time to dine and then foot it over to see the Mobius Band play Middle East Upstairs. They played a good set - I can't help but feel like the energy of their shows from last spring has waned. I think once they finally make the move to New York, tho, they are ready to hyperspace their career, and hopefully writing.

It occurred to me as I was walking back to work from the dentist the other day that my music obsession has caused me to price everything in terms of CDs. I am getting a gold filling next month that is going to cost me about 46 CDs, even with insurance kicking in their share. But hey, if you don't have your teeth what do you really have?

Caught the Chiefs shellacking of the Bills Sunday evening with H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable and Logie. Fun game to watch, if a little lopsided. Well, more than a little. Well, that is about all.

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