October 21, 2003

"Maybe it's better if we can't remember." - Whorl

Just when it appeared all the blogging genes skewed to his younger sibling, it appears Logie has struck back with a few entries I stumbled across today. Nothing I didn't know, of course, but it is not what you say, just how you say it. CRM's Timesnewroman.org is getting pretty cool, too.

Harris Newman, part of the cadre of mid '90s indie rock acts in Montreal, today released a CD of solo guitar stuff apparently influenced by John Fahey, who I don't really know anything about. But it is cool to see someone from the old days still making records. During my one trip to Montreal about 8 years ago I met Mr. Newman, a stand-up fellow. I have seen his name in relation to mastering on some CDs as of late, I think, too. Anyhoo, I will check the CD out at some point and report back.

I probably haven't emphasised to most of you how awesome I think Yo La Tengo's song "Blue Line Swinger" is. I will have to try harder.

So Interpol... a real solid show. I am having trouble getting in the mood to reconstruct my critique of the show, but I will pass on that the band was just going through the motions for the first three or four songs, but when they hit that first rocking number the synapses started to snap and the rock began to flow. The band played probably all of Bright Lights, and maybe some of the other singles. I was pretty disappointed that they didn't play "The Specialist," which is their best jam. Oh well. Seeing the performance made me think alot about how I used to think that what I was looking for in performers was an "authentic" experience (whatever that means). In actuality, I think the right word is "earnest." And at first Interpol wasn't earnest, they were reading their lines and striking their poses. But it finally kicked in, and the material poured out like an inevitable dam burst. I will spare openers Elefant the slings and arrows of my horible opinion of their singer, and just say that I was interested in learning more about the band, until I did. I am no longer interested.

Got the first promo in a long while in the mail for a local act The Collisions. We'll see how that is. The Mobius Band is playing this Saturday at the Middle East, unfortunately I will be out of town yet again.

Some guy on the radio just referred to his crappy rural New York state Internet service as a "wood-burning ISP," which is pretty darn funny if you ask me. Waiting to hear Mobius playing on Pipeline on WMBR in a half hour. Gonna tape it. That is all.

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