January 8, 2005

"She, she she she, shine on." - The House of Love.

Administrative Note: The laptop here at the command center has gone down, which means for the foreseeable future there will be little or no posting, and my Tuesday night webcasts will be dutifully manned by RTH mastermind Logie. Watch this space for details on the restoration of your Clicky Clicky services. (This transmission is being executed via Lopez' work laptop).

With the laptop down I have been rocking a lot of things on the wireless headphones at home, including the final Elliot Smith record, the last discs of the Cure and Nirvana box sets, The Cure's Japanese Dreams, the Amelie soundtrack, a little-heard concept set composed by The Good Doctor, and the Tosca record I think I mentioned back in November. Observation: Listening to records on headphones is good. I am always amazed when I hear something new in a song I thought I knew frontwards and backwards. Good old headphones.

That is all.

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