February 11, 2005

"Hopeless, that this will turn out better." - The Wrens.

And we're back.

This is why the Internet rules. Here is an indie list dispatch from the early 90s that recounts at least one of the great indie shows that took place at My Pal God Records impresario Jon Solomon's house in Princeton, NJ. Further down the post describes the recording sessions for Small Factory's excellent 'I Do Not Love You," including the interesting info that the basic tracks were recorded by a guy from The Dambuilders. The post also mentions a self-released 25-minute long Small Factory video that I would kill to see. I don't even know how I would go about looking for it now, 12 years on. Anyway, these archived Indie List posts are an invaluable oral history of '90s indie rock, in my opinion.

The Mendoza Line's Paul Deppler never fails to amuse and inspire with Jack Handy-ish deep thoughts.

Some fascinating posts at Spoilt Victorian Child lately. I had no idea Malcolm McLaren also had linkage to the burgeoning American rap scene of 25 years ago. Here is the SVC post.

Intrepid digital entertainment enthusiast Cable Elk has tracked down the trailer to the incredibly wacky Ringo Starr film "Cavemen." Enjoy.

Watch this space for updates on when my Radio TeapotHill broadcasts will resume.

That is all.


Topher said...

You're back. Yaaaaay.

jbreitling said...

Indeed. Unfortunately, I am about to ship the laptop back to Dell. A few days after I got it back the speakers and headphone jack stopped working. If this dang thing can't let me listen to rock, it is no good for me. The good news is that Dell has a really fast turn-around time once they actually agree to take your machine and service it. Good news - I've already written the next post, so I just have to tweak it, upload the new MP3, and publish it once I get the machine back. Rockity rock rock.

Jon Solomon said...

I've got the Small Factory video at my parents' house. You're welcome to borrow it. Just remind me to find it one afternoon. - JS