February 28, 2005

"Maps, wait..." - Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

And Clicky Clicky Command Central is back online once more, and it is snowing once again. We'll see how long this laptop can hold out before something else goes kaput. If anything it has made me appreciate the greatness of this machine's rock-making capacity.

While operations were down I watched some neglected Netflix stuff, namely The Station Agent, which gets five thumbs up from me, and Kill Bill v. 1, which I also liked a very great deal. I recommend both, though I imagine I am much further behind the curve than my readership on the subject of movies.

The always-great Bradley's Almanac, as I suspected, was the first place I found MP3s of the Teenbeat 20th anniversary party, including several songs from a sort of surprise set by label honcho Mark Robinson's excellent indie pop trio Unrest. Check it out.

The Monkey
has done a little virtual sprucing up. Why not pop over to see what he's up to?

The other day Gawker pointed us to an imbecilic assertion made by a woman who claims that Emo is "associated with promoting the cutting culture," meaning the subgroup of disturbed people who harm themselves by cutting themselves (think the woman in the movie Secretary). So dumb. Here's the link, but I wouldn't bother.

That is all.

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