March 2, 2005

"She's driving me out of her mind." - Lemonheads.

I learned from our favorite young associate at The Firm recently, and confirmed with our favorite senior attorney and litigation manager, that Evan Dando's father used to be The Firm's managing partner. You know, Evan Dando of The Lemonheads. One of my favorite rock and roll combos. So anyway, I thought that was interesting. I guess when Dando was giving all those interviews in the '90s about his drug problems, that sort of rankled his dad's feathers a bit. Or something.

More importantly... this is a CAPITAL LETTERS ANNOUNCEMENT:

Hell freezes over. Or something. Confirmation arrives that, much like Kam Fong in 1997, the original lineup of Dinosaur Jr. is reforming and touring. What few details there are are at Chromewaves, Pitchfork, J Mascis dot com, etc. Dinosaur Jr. is one of my favorite bands, too. Right up there with the big ones: Haywood, Lemonheads, Lilys, Kam Fong, etc.

It isn't my cup of tea, but a.d. amorosi has a nice feature about death metal and grindcore in the Philadelphia Inquirer right now. Check it out.

Many Clicky Clicky readers and I attended university with the woman behind the Dresden Dolls. Lopez just read in the paper that Dresden Dolls with be opening for Nine Inch Nails on NIN's coming tour. That is pretty great. Speaking of college: The Bster redesigns. Still no Logie redesign.

I'll likely update this post with an MP3 sometime when "LOST" is not commanding my attention.

That is all.

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