March 22, 2005

"Who's gonna cut my taxes and defeat the evil axis?"- The Farmhands.

So it is worth noting that H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable and I went and saw Slint Sunday evening at the Roxy. We are all familiar with Slint, the cool kids in college made sure of that. For me, it was this guy Andrew Dickinson (dyed black hair, dark blue t-shirt, brown Dickies pants) in my Music Recording and Sound Design Class, who brought Spiderland into the studio one day and cued up "Bread Crumb Trail." And that was that.

The Slint show was revealing in that the live experience is heavily focused on the drummer, who is imbued with bandleader-type power by dint of being situated squarely in the center of the stage, the rest of the players inhabiting the periphery. H-Dawg had some solid thoughts on the show, particularly the extended breaks between each song, which I will paste here rather than go through the trouble of paraphrasing his email (tough break, H-Dawg):

The drummer was some hot shit. And, although I would have enjoyed it a lot more if "that guy" hadn't chatted through each of the silent pauses between songs (description of asinine guy sitting next to H-Dawg inserted here) I kind of really enjoyed what would have been the silence. Not only did the silence break up each song in the set so that you judged it more as an individual composition than a total summation... though it all summed out in the end... it also felt defiantly punk... like, this was a challenging band back in the day, and f*ck you all, we're still challenging you and your expectations of what a show should be... so just wait, be patient, and you will be rewarded.

My big discovery of the day, thanks to the very trustworthy Music.For-Robots, is the band Ari & Uzi (think hard, you'll figure out where the name came from in a minute). Anyway, check out this post, which features an awesome track called "Lungs Out." Great '90s style indie rock with guitary goodness. Yeehaw.

Mobius Band also gets a little ink in Music.For-Robots, who review a show where the band played with former Haywooder Danny Barria's Big Sleep and the hotly tipped The Go Team. The kids seem to like The Go Team. But I haven't heard them yet. So there. The Good Doctor saw Mobius Band at South By Southwest and said they killed. Good for them.

Chromewaves reports
that Belle & Sebastian will release a singles compilation in late May. That is good news, since I was always wary of starting down the road of buying the various singles for just this reason.

Next up: an introduction to The Farmhands.

That is all.

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