March 7, 2005

"So... sick of music..." - The Mobius Band.

I got my pre-ordered Mobius Band City Vs. Country EP today and it sounds great. The revamped version of the title track, which the band offered on its web site last spring, sounds really full, particularly the drums. And Ben's vocal definitely benefitted from recording with the same guy who did the Interpol record, as his voice, which tends to be a bit thin, has the same weight to it as Paul Banks' does on Antics. Anyhow, these guys are going to the next level with their new relationship with Ghostly International, and I couldn't be more pleased for them.

Being something of an insatiable fanboy about certain bands myself, I greatly enjoyed Will Oldham's (Bonnie Prince Billy, Palace Brothers, Palace Music, Palace Songs, etc.) recollections of time spent with and obsessing over The Misfits and Samhain. It is worth reading for the very last lines, which pack the same sort of emotional punch as much of Oldham's music. Sort of brings new meaning to the chorus of "New Partner" : "You were always on my mind."

Music For Robots has a post about Audible and are threatening to do a Haywood retrospective post. Keep your eyes open for that.

I heard a song on the Dumont this AM by Palomar, it was a nice bit of indie pop in the vein of Tiger Trap or Heavenly. I didn't think that style had survived in to this decade, and I was happy to hear the song. I don't know the band's record, but I know that Chris Newmyer has released some of them on his Self Starter label. I will have to explore further. If anyone has a favorite Palomar song, feel free to Gmail it to my new account set up for receiving such things: jay dot breitling at gmail dot com.

The New York Times has an amusing article on just what the hell Axl Rose has been up to, and how much it has cost.

That is all.

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