March 23, 2005

"And I'm still dreaming of, the day." - Mazarin.

Spent the evening in the drink. Let's see how this goes:

The Farmhands could be quite large. I am not sure they know this yet. Particularly since no one knows who the Farmhands are, except, of course, The Farmhands. There is no web site (yet). To date there have been no shows. So here is the dirt, interesting part first: The Farmhands is an indie rock band which is about to self-release Sunday, April 3rd [record release party at Cambridge's The Abbey Lounge] a concept record about baseball that has 30 songs, apparently each one about or loosely based upon a major league baseball franchise. A pretty good concept, right? Well, the songs are even better. I got a six-song advance from the band in the mail over the past weekend and every song is ace.

The band is comprised of Mike Robb (a.k.a. Mr. Obb, one time Haywood/Small Hours tour support under the moniker And Joseph), Jeff Stern (a.k.a. Mr. Self-Help) and another guy, a.k.a. High Cheese, perhaps Mike's brother. I played ever so briefly with Jeff and Mike in the short-lived Bucknell entity The Suck Project. This should not tarnish your opinion of these guys. What you need to know is that they make loose indie rock with discernible Pixies, Beck, and They Might Be Giants influences.

The EP traverses multiple genres, even a successful send-up on '90s hip-hop. Definitely come out for the show if you can. Here is an instrumental from the EP, "The Friendly Confines (Chicago, NL)," since I couldn't really decide which song to hit you with first.

Catbirdseat has a funny SXSW wrap. Spoilt Victorian Child has a little Shellac post with a download.

That is all.

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