March 15, 2005

"Baby why don't we, baby why don't we?" - Dinosaur Jr.

This evening the mail brought the three Dinosaur Jr. reissues (mail-wise it has been quite a week). So far, I've listened to the debut, which I'd never owned previously. I am about to dive into You're Living All Over Me, where I am interested to hear what exactly the remastering has accomplished. I am skeptical that I can get more out of this record than I already have (which is a lot), but perhaps there will be some revelations under all that muck after all these years. I had "You're Living All Over Me" written on my school bag in high school. Not the big lady attractor you might expect.

UPDATE: I've listened to about half of "Living" and I don't hear much different. The drums are cleaner, that is the most notable difference. Occasionally when an extra guitar comes in the mix it sounds a bit cleaner too. "Raisans" seems to have the most obvious cleaning up so far. And "In A Jar," the bass has been really beefed up, the guitars cleaned up: this song has really benefitted from the remastering.

SplendidEZine's George Zahora gives Stars' Set Yourself On Fire his complete attention. His review is atypically melodramatic, but Stars aren't really above putting it all out there either. The first single for the record, I think, is "Ageless Beauty," which is really quite a great song.

This headline from today sounds like a Morrissey song: Mussolini's Granddaughter on Hunger Strike. In related news, Morrissey is debuting a concert film around the country on March 28. It plays only one night to promote the film's DVD release, and I am glad to say Boston has one of the screenings, according to the spotty but likeable I may not go, but it was nice of him to think of us anyway. Thanks Moz.

Finally, Reader #6 has offered up more information about Haywood's latest effort and other general information. Most surprising, bassist Jeff Paretchan has left the country for Armenia. So that pretty much kills any hope that there will be any full-on Haywood shows for a long, long time. Jeff's move sounds permanent. Reader #6 reports there is no label attached to the recent recordings, so getting your hands on that hot little record may be harder than you had anticipated. Unless you'd like to blow a portion of your trust fund putting the record out. Let me know, I can put you in touch with the right people. Finally, once we hear the record, apparently we will hear the band really stretching out in the studio, with expanded instrumentation including piano and organ. So anyway, hold your breath until I say stop.

That is all.


Ric said...

Note the omission of "Show Me the Way" from the new You're Living All Over Me. Fuck nuggets.

Many condolences to you and your family regarding your recent loss. It would seem she was a great person.

jbreitling said...

Thanks man. I did notice they left that track off. But I think they give us Just Like Heaven instead? I guess Frampton just didn't need the royalties, right?