March 3, 2005

"I've got moves I never use." - Kathleen Edwards.

Tonight I watched Letterman from earlier this week on the TiVo and Kathleen Edwards was the musical guest. She played the title cut from her new record, and it totally smoked. Just a big, energetic slab of rock. With basically three chords in it. It was really quite a performance, you should look around online for it. The stupid Late Show web site doesn't have it, of course. Dumbasses. Anyway, my homey Zippy's band Carbon Leaf opened for Edwards a couple years ago here in Boston at an outdoor, after-work thing. I caught Edwards' soundcheck and I remember getting the impression that they were taking this awesome Canadian rocker and turning her into Sheryl Crow. Well, the good news is, based on what I saw on Letterman, that just ain't the case.

Chromewaves has a nice bit on The Chameleons UK, who were Interpol almost two decades before Interpol were. I don’t own any of their records but I have their song "Second Skin" on the stellar Manchester - So Much to Answer For compilation. I got the song on a mixtape in 1991 and it is a fave of mine. I've always been fearful of picking up a Chameleons full-length, but perhaps this Chromewaves bit will inspire me.

The Mobius Band's new EP gets a good review from one of Pitchfork's lesser-known reviewers. Should give them a boost. The online rag also covers the Teenbeat 20th Anniversary thing that I would have really liked to have been to. I read on ILM that Versus played their incredible The Stars Are Insane record from front to back one night. Dang.

SplendidEZine head honcho George Zahora tackles The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys reissue. I don't recall seeing this reviewed elsewhere, which is kind of remarkable, but maybe I just haven't been paying attention. George even ends his review with an admonishment to some of the hacks who send him CD-Rs to be reviewed, which is great. I would have liked to read George chewing over individual tracks, but I enjoy his general observations nonetheless.

Mental Note: Go back in time and find the cassette with Garden Party's "Katydid" on it. Hide tape in Hagstrom guitar case. Write self note to look in Hagstrom guitar case in March 2005 so I can hear the song again.

Just spent a crapload of time tonight and last night ripping old demos I recorded, one small piece of a huge pile of stuff I intend to save for the purgatory of being on one of my cassettes. Anyway, turns out I was only getting the left channel because of a bad patch cord, so I'll have to hit the Radio Shack tomorrow or something.

That is all.

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