August 21, 2007

From The Admin Cubicle: Man Keeping Us Down

From The Admin CubicleTeam Clicky Clicky has been saddled with a big project at the day job that carries an 8/31 deadline. As such, :: clicky clicky :: will be largely dark through the end of this month. There may be an odd post at the weekend, but we are not optimistic. See you in September. -- The Management

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UponFirstListen said...

I'll be one of the few lamenting the demise of Piebald. I saw them many years ago as they headlined a show with Saves the Day and Kid Dynamite (STD, KD, Piebald in that order) only to see them not realize the same success that either of those bands garnered. Still, it's hard not to like rock music and not like their catalog - even if you can't get behind Travis', ehm, interesting vocals at times. The aforementioned Grace Kelly is just one of their fantastic songs and their live shows have continued to impress even after all these years.