November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving From Clicky Clicky (And Moz)

Happy Thanksgiving from Clicky Clicky, Morrissey and Peta2
Between the big Pat Leonard tribute show Sunday night, a dead hot water heater yesterday afternoon, rock team practice last night and a five-alarm fire around the corner at 4AM this morning, we're so far behind this week that we think we'll just bid everyone adieu until Monday. Everybody have a happy one and a safe one, and hell, eat a bird if that is your proclivity: you're good people and you've earned it. As an aside, we'll offer we thought we were all anti-establishment because we make snarky comments about this week's holiday, and then we talked Thanksgiving plans yesterday with our middle-aged plumber, who said she usually goes down to Plymouth to mark the occasion with Native Americans. She might have even used the word mourn. Which, relatively speaking, makes us about as hardcore as Lisa Simpson. Oh well. See you all next week.

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