November 13, 2008

Today's Hotness: Simon Says No!, Sexy Kids, Dark Beaks

Simon Says No!
>> [Photo Credit: Pettri Lamula] That large, booming rock noise you hear coming from Norway is very likely Simon Says No!. The young, Oslo-based four piece has taken the whirlpool swirl of Sweden's fellow countrypersons Sereena Maneesh (remember them?), layered on a bit more pop gloss and added more depth with clever production. Formed in early 2006 when British-born [sorry, we were supplied erroneous information -- Ed.] guitarist Simon Oakland and guitarist and singer Ruben Nesse split from the hardcore act Jeroan Drive, Simon Says No! shuffled through a couple different rhythm sections before the current lineup gelled. Along the way the fledgling band released a couple tracks on cassette ("Midnight Romance," "Para Cirkus!") that caught the ear of radio programmers at a popular Norwegian radio station, which apparently sparked a great deal of local interest in the group. More recently the quartet set about recording an EP, and the results are four arresting, guitar-drenched anthems that can be heard at Simon Says No!'s MySpace tent right here. "Shiver" shakes with a stuttering syncopation and a melodic curtain of single guitar notes that ping pong quickly across the aural plane. Layers of tremeloed-out guitar join the mix mid-way through and eventually mellow out the tension with a false ending -- and then the beat is back. "Ahoi De Angst," the title track to the EP that will be issued in Norway in January (domestic plans are being kept close to the vest), gives a firm nod in the direction of Simon Says No!'s hardcore roots. It is the melodic fist-pumper "Sleeping Heart," however, that has "radio hit" written all over it, and thanks to the band's management we're able to offer the track to you below.

Simon Says No! -- "Sleeping Heart" -- Ahoi De Angst
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>> Resurgent indie label Slumberland appears to have another winner on its hands in the form of a forthcoming single from Sexy Kids. "The sexy who, now?" you are probably wondering. Well, Sexy Kids was born out of the planned obselescence of The Royal We, a Glaswegian septet we mentioned here in May for doing two notable things. The first notable thing was releasing the deliriously fun single "All The Rage," whose video you can watch right here, in September 2007. The second notable thing The Royal We did was vow to break up as soon as it recorded and released a full-length, which it did. Following the dissolution of The Royal We three members moved along to form the aforementioned Sexy Kids, whose debut single "Sisters Are Forever" will be issued by the aforementioned Slumberland this very month. It could be out now, for all you know. Because Slumberland is cool, you can download an MP3 of the single already, and we've posted it below. Additional information about Sexy Kids is hard to come by, but based on some photos at the band's MySpace yert we harbor a suspicion that its membership may be greater than the three Royal We expatriots. We suppose when the band blows up more information will be forthcoming. For now, just dig on this delicious track.

Sexy Kids -- "Sisters Are Forever" -- "Sisters Are Forever" b/w "Drown Me"
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[buy "Sister Are Forever" from Slumberland right here]

>> There's been emails and subsequent blog posts circulating the Interhooziewhatsis in recent days concerning an act called The Dark Romantics. This band may or may not be good -- we have yet to check. But we admit experiencing some disappointment upon realizing that the band in question wasn't the one we thought it to be at first, namely Dunedin, New Zealand's The Dark Beaks. We first wrote about the trio here in March 2006, and we still consider the trio's track "Dream About You" a nice piece of work. Here it is once again.

The Dark Beaks -- "Dream About You" -- Spill Your Heart
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[buy Dark Beaks music from CDBaby here]

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