February 25, 2009

Introducing KeepingSomeDarkSecrets.com

Keeping Some Dark Secrets -- The International Johnny Foreigner Fan Site
Well, we've been toying with the idea since July 2007, and today we finally have done it: we're launching with our English colleague Luke Cotton a new outlet called KeepingSomeDarkSecrets.com, the international Johnny Foreigner fan site. In retrospect we're glad we didn't call it "A+ No. 1 Super Fun Time Johnny Foreigner Fan Club USA Blog," as we had originally joked two years ago. KSDS, as we've already taken to abbreviating it, will provide all the microscopic Johnny Foreigner coverage you've come to expect here, but it will be better: Mr. Cotton and we envision exclusives, live show reviews, an active fan forum, and so on. The sky is the limit really. As an aside -- hey Europeans? Why haven't you posted any video clips of the current tour to YouTube yet? Get on that.

So the obvious question is "will you still cover Johnny Foreigner here?" And the answer to that is a resounding yes. We plan to cross-post all our KSDS items here, although the posts will go online at KeepingSomeDarkSecrets earlier in the calendar day on UK time, while Clicky Clicky will continue to go online first thing in the morning U.S. East Coast time. When you click over to KeepingSomeDarkSecrets you'll notice we've already cross-posted there all the relevant Clicky Clicky historic posts -- some 60 of them! Anyway, we've got a nice surprise for the official launch of KSDS today in the form of a recently surfaced demo of Johnny Foreigner's "This Trapeze Ball Thought Out," which curiously came tagged with a different title, "rhapsody (rough)." So head on over and check out what we're doing, listen to the music like The Doobie Brothers, and add KSDS to your RSS reader. And now, here is the track that set us and our partner Mr. Cotton down this road in the first place last November, the old demo for "KickKickKick."

Johnny Foreigner -- "KickKickKick" -- I Like You Mostly Late At Never
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