March 20, 2009

More Of WeLeftYouSleepingAndGoneNow: "Less, We Remember"

[So our plan to cross-post at KeepingSomeDarkSecrets and Clicky Clicky at roughly the same time got thrown off this week by some other posts in the Clicky Clicky pipeline and serial, hair-greying work emergencies. In case you are not a reader yet, KeepingSomeDarkSecrets posted this item Monday. -- Ed.]

People are excited about WeLeftYouSleepingAndGoneNow, and for good reason. The "lost" first Johnny Foreigner record is a very solid, incredibly rare collection of expansive, textured tunes recorded by one of the earliest iterations of the band. And so on the heels of our review last week, to which we appended MP3s for "Looking Up Is Not Enough" and "A Slow Song For The End," we're launching a one-song-a-post run-down of the remaining nine tracks of the collection, beginning with the ones you're least likely to have heard. Readers should recall that KeepingSomeDarkSecrets first uncovered WeLeftYouSleepingAndGoneNow in early January, and in that post we pointed you here to a ghost ship of a MySpace presence where the relatively ancient tracks "Caution Vampires" and "Candles And Cults" were found streaming away. The former track is on WeLeftYouSleepingAndGoneNow but the latter is not. And so, if you've been paying attention, you've heard tracks two, three and eleven from WeLeftYouSleepingAndGoneNow. Let's tackle the remaining numbers in order then, shall we? The record commences with the slow, elegiac, acoustic guitar-and-'verbed-out piano ballad "Less, We Remember." It is pretty, it is somewhat mournful, and it certainly seems prescient in that the words (taxis, festivals) and themes (being left behind by people moving on or moving away; reflections on home and relationships) band fronter Alexei Berrow employs have continued to appear in Johnny Foreigner songs even now, some four years later. The song is cold and wintry, so you'd best have a listen before spring really kicks in and brightens the place up.

Johnny Foreigner -- "Less, We Remember" -- WeLeftYouSleepingAndGoneNow
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"we're launching a one-song-a-post run-down of the remaining nine tracks of the collection"

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