June 8, 2009

From The Admin Cubicle: Clicky Clicky Baby Hiatus

If you are reading this message, then our daughter has been born, and :: clicky clicky music blog :: has entered hiatus until we figure the whole parenting thing out. Fear not, however, as we are not leaving you completely out in the cold. We expect to be as active on Twitter (@clickyclicky) as possible during the hiatus, so please consider following us there. And a note to our band and publicist friends: please, no more unsolicited physical promos. From here on out these will go right from our mailbox to the Salvation Army, as we haven't the room to deal with them any longer. We're still happy to receive physical promos we specifically request, of course. Thanks for reading along for the last few years, and we hope to be back doing the same old stuff here when possible. Obviously, there will be fewer updates going forward, but we'll do what we can. Until then, to quote Homer J. Simpson, "No! No! No! Don't stop a'rockin'!"


saam keephopeinside said...

congrats Jay, look forward to your return.

Veee said...

aw congrats!!:) read you soon! xx Veee