June 20, 2009

Johnny Foreigner LP2 Title May Be Grace And The Bigger Picture

[Ohai. We're not dead. Yet. -- Ed.] Johnny Foreigner guitarist and singer Alexei Berrow dropped the name in the midst of this extended post at Bloggy Foreigner that went online Thursday. The post was long on band facts, but let’s start with the LP2 stuff. Like this quote from Alexei, wherein we believe he divulges our suspected album title: “[A]nyway, 2008 was like, thee most hectic/extreme/fun year we’ve ever had and grace and the bigger picture is our attempt to document it.” Mr. Berrow reports that the interview process for the second album has already begun — presumably for your typical print mags with long leads, yeh? we’ll wait patiently for our turn — and he notes that the big question put to the band has transitioned from “how did you form” to “what’s the new album about.” Berrow states that his early assertions that the new record would be something of a concept set about its experiences over the last couple of years actually didn’t end up being too far off the mark, to the extent that almost every song on the set (can we start calling it Grace And The Bigger Picture yet — we’re just not sure) is based on occurrences in one city or another during tour. Songs about real people, some of whom Alexei still speaks with. Or would like to. The last song on the new set is called “Close,” and another track is titled “In Every Cloakroom Ever.”

If our guess at the album title is correct, then we’d be very surprised if the record doesn’t open with “Grace” — which has been in live sets over the last year — into “Feels Like Summer.” That said, we’re surprised that the record won’t end with “The Coast Was Always Clear,” which as fans of bootlegs and live shows know re-introduces the “Some Summers!” exclamation from “Feels Like Summer” and makes for a tidy bookend opposite that track. We suppose we’ll have to wait and see. Whatever ends up being on LP2, there’s more where that came from, as Berrow notes that his “head is full” of new songs. Perhaps enough to make LP3 a double-album. We’ll believe it when we see it, but we’d be super psyched if that was the case. We can also expect to see Johnny Foreigner release on a comp at some point a Guided By Voices cover, and the trio is pondering recording some additional covers while we’re at it. Which makes us wonder why that Pavement cover they did never surfaced… Johnny Foreigner is slated to release the single “Feels Like Summer” through JohnnyForeignerBand.com Monday, and perhaps announce B-sides for a physical release of same. More bulletins as events warrant. Do you know what is a good jam? The I Like You Mostly Late At Never version of "Champagne Girls...," which has a lot of delicious guitar attack. Check it out.

Johnny Foreigner -- "Champagne Girls I Have Known" -- I Like You Mostly Late At Never
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