August 17, 2009

YouTube Rodeo: Calories' "Forests of Varg"

We just recalled that when we last checked in with Calories, a/k/a the *other* awesome Birmingham, England-based power trio, there was some mention of the band recording its sophomore set and embarking on a series of vinyl-only EPs by the end of the summer. So we did a little poking around and found a MySpace post from the band from a few weeks ago indicating that, yes, in fact it has nearly finished recording the set. We know little about it, except that the song "Drink The Potion" may be on it. Anyway, the same MySpace post reported that former Antlers bandmate Steve Ingram -- who is apparently responsible for much of Calories' art -- had recently completed a video for the album cut "Forests of Varg," which you may recall was among the last third of Calories' excellent debut Adventuring, which came out earlier this year. We've posted the video above. We think you'll agree the tune is a rocker. We reviewed Adventuring here in February; a few weeks prior to that the band hosted our intermittent but awesome feature Show Us Yours here, which we should really endeavor to resuscitate.

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