October 27, 2009

Be Prepared: Calories | Let's Pretend That We're Older EP | 11 Nov.

There are number of important thing to note about Birmingham, England-based power trio Calories' forthcoming EP. But most important of all of these is, yes, that is a denim CD sleeve. With a real badge affixed to it. Hats off to Big Scary Monsters for this awesome package (a co-release with Smalltown America, which released Calories' full-length debut), which reminds us of the good ol' days of the music industry being fun, awesome, and ready to dole out all manner of crazy stuff. Like the inflatable sheep Epitaph Records sent us in 1995 to promote one of its releases, a sheep with, ahem, special properties for people who really like sheep, well, too much. Anyway, back to Calories. Another remarkable thing about this EP, slated for release Nov. 11, is that it does not include that as-yet-unreleased-but-wholly-awesome track "Drink The Potion" [video]. What Let's Pretend That We're Older does include is four tracks, none of which will be on Calories' next record:

1. Let's Pretend That We're Older [right click and save as]
2. Arm A Leg
3. Expect The Language
4. Hands Off...

As you can see from the hyperlinked text about, the labels in question are giving away the title track for free. Fans lucky enough to catch Calories in the next few weeks can purchase the entire EP in person, otherwise you've got to order that stuff from BSM or STA. As for "Drink The Potion," we're hopeful that the tune will be on Calories' second record, which is titled Habitations, which we are told will be released in March on Smalltown America.

28.10 -- Brighton -- Audio
04.11 -- York -- City Screen
05.11 -- Nottingham -- The Bodega
06.11 -- Brighton -- The Freebutt
07.11 -- Southampton -- Lennons
08.11 -- Reading -- Oakford Social Club
09.11 -- Birmingham -- The Flapper
10.11 -- London -- The Barfly

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Anonymous said...

The next release will be a vinyl 7 on Tough Love Records in the new year. It will be a spit single on white vinyl with the band William. The two tracks will be: A: The Mortal Boys (from Habitations) and B: Drink The Potion (a non-album exclusive track!) XXXX