October 6, 2009

Johnny Foreigner Issues Free EP, Tours, Makes Americans Sad

So, as you all know by now, we were right when we said we're all just bricks in the wall. Also, we were right when we said the big surprise alluded to by Team JoFo last week was the remix EP, which as you can see from the art above seems to have an alternate name, yeh? We think we actually prefer Night Cartridge/Rage Cub EP to the name that seems to have won out over it, namely Gin Dagger Cite Her Bar Cut EP. The thing is seven tracks long, it is freely available here if you give a working email address, and apparently every 50th person to download the EP gets a pair of free concert tickets. Exciting stuff. The music on the EP is really quite good, as far as remix EPs go. Personally we're not crazy about the hip-hop remix of "Feels Like Summer," but we won't deny that its SoCal Snoopilization is actually pretty fun. As our tastes skew more ambient, we are very big proponents of Junior Foreigner's remix of "More Heart, Less Tongue," as well as Response's Cycle Mix of "More Tongue, Less Heart." One thing not readily available with the EP is the art, but Johnny Foreigner has thoughtfully remedied that by posting it here.

What else can we tell you? Johnny Foreigner's Grace tour is now in full swing and as best as we can tell the best way to monitor it remotely is to watch Twitter. We try to re-tweet anything particularly interesting, so if you are hip to the Twitter jive follow us @clickyclicky. The Birmingham, England-based noise pop trio issues the second single from the forthcoming long-player Grace And The Bigger Picture next week, when "Criminals" sees digital release with two b-sides as we previously reported here. Grace And The Bigger Picture will be released in the UK Oct. 26 on Best Before Records [review here]. Now now about some free remixes?

Johnny Foreigner -- "More Tongue, Less Heart (Response's Cyle Remix)" -- Gin Dagger Cite Her Bar Cut EP
Johnny Foreigner -- "More Heart, Less Tongue (Junior Foreigner's Remix)" -- Gin Dagger Cite Her Bar Cut EP
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[download the entire EP right here]
[buy Johnny Foreigner music here and here]

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