April 12, 2010

Be Prepared: The Henry Clay People | Somewhere On The Golden Coast | 22 June

LA-based indie rock saviors The Henry Clay People will issue their long-awaited third full-length June 22. The five-year-old foursome, anchored by brothers Joey and Andy Siara, layer a southern California cool over the sort of bar-wrecking sounds of mid-period Replacements. Perhaps there is a sort of wink and nod in the direction of Pavement's straighter stuff circa Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, but frankly we don't hear that too much. What we do hear is the sort of vibrant, catchy and unpretentious rock music that should have a universal appeal. You like Springsteen or The Hold Steady? You'll like these guys. Somewhere On The Golden Coast packs 11 songs into just a bit more than 30 minutes. You can listen to it while hashing out who has to get up and walk to the gas station for the next 12-pack.

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