April 19, 2010

Everyone Everywhere Everywhere With Everyone: Blog Tour Starts Today

We're batting clean-up for a blog tour promoting the forthcoming, superlative full-length debut from Philadelphia-based emo superheroes Everyone Everywhere. Readers may recall that we've been anticipating this one for about six weeks, and while the May 4 release date draws nearer, there is still waiting to be done. But the quartet's label Tiny Engines has come up with a jazzy way to promote the release: namely, 10 blogs over 10 days will each post one of the 10 tracks from the self-titled set. "B-b-b-but Clicky Clicky," you are saying, "doesn't that mean they are giving away the whole damn record before it even comes out?" Well, yeah, it does mean that. But the tracks will all come down on or before the release date proper, so you have to stay on top of this thing. Which you will, because the record is awesome; Tiny Engines is doing you a favor, and who are you to look a gift horse in the mouth?* Anyway, we'll be posting our favorite song from the record, the closer "Obama House, Fukui Prefecture," Friday April 30. But the blog tour begins today at the blog The Ripple Effect. Other participants include Can You See The Sunset From The Southside?, Built On A Weak Spot, Dryvetyme Onlyne, Battle Of The Midwestern Housewives, Deckfight, The Album Project, Familiarize Yourself and Reviewsic. Everyone Everywhere has booked a fistful of live dates between now and the end of May, and we're posting them below for your reference.

04.23 -- (House Show) -- Malvern, PA
05.07 -- Fennario -- West Chester, PA
05.08 -- Charm City Art Space -- Baltimore, MD
05.11 -- Kung Fu Necktie (Record Release Show) -- Philadelphia, PA
05.22 -- Bushwick Music Studios -- Brooklyn, NY
05.29 -- O'Brien's Pub -- Boston, MA

(* Seriously, what's your problem?)

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