August 13, 2010

Tre Orsi | T.T. The Bear's Place | 25 August

Tre Orsi U.S. Tour
Texas-based indie rock luminaries' brief tour includes dates with the legendary Karl Hendricks Trio, Philadelphia shoegaze giants Arc In Round, and the veritable supergroup Martha's Vineyard Ferries (which features Chris Brokaw, Bob Weston and a fellow named Elisha Weisner). Tre Orsi's debut long-player Devices + Emblems was released by Princeton, New Jersey's Comedy Minus One earlier this summer.

Martha's Vineyard Ferries, heretofore unheard of by us, joins Tre Orsi on the first three dates. The Ferries apparently will issue in a week or two a debut EP titled In The Pond. Sickroom Records -- whose web site, of course, makes no mention of it -- will release the four-song 12" record, according to Chris Brokaw's web dojo.

Perhaps you recall this taster MP3?

Tre Orsi's "The Engineer"

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