August 18, 2010

YouTube Rodeo: Line Drawings' "Interstate"

Gaze upward at the video for the second track from superlative Sydney, Australia-based indie rock concern Line Drawings' debut full-length Take/Over. The record was released June 11 in Australia and New Zealand only, although U.S. ITunes users can buy the digital version here. Take/Over, which was mastered by Bob Weston in Chicago, is immensely enjoyable to listen to, and frankly we think "Interstate" somewhat undersells how excellent the dreamy, guitar-heavy set is. In a year thronged with astonishingly good records, Line Drawings' ranks among the best. We are formulating a full review. If the band sounds familiar, it may be because we first wrote about Line Drawings here in April 2009.

Interstate by Linedrawings

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Bryan Hamill said...

Dear Clicky,Clicky- you've done it again.Great track I'm on the hunt for the full length!