October 16, 2010

YouTube Rodeo: Thunder Power's "Home Office"

Our confidence that Omaha-based Thunder Power would finally write another song we really like has finally been rewarded. Two years ago the quintet popped onto our radar with the superlative, Belle & Sebastian-esque strummer "Take A Hike" [video here]."Home Office" touts the same winning formula which pairs Kacynna Tompsett's affecting voice and able indie pop backing, and the track is from a split 10" the collective is promoting called Hearts Intersect. You can buy the EP from distributor Saddle Creek right here; the split -- which carries three songs from The 1959 Hat Company on the b-side -- was released in May by Slumber Party Records. In case you missed "Take A Hike" when it was all the rage in 2008, here's a stream scraped from SoundCloud. Thunder Power is currently on tour in the midwest and you can see the dates at the band's MySpace wigwam right here.

Thunder Power's "Take A Hike"

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Ania Aliaksandrava said...

Wow! i really like this!! the music and the feeling! i like how guitar and keyboard sound together. very inspirational! Thank you! mm, gotta run now, to write something of my own, while inspiration lasts!!!