October 27, 2010

Footage: Yuck's "The Base Of A Dream Is Empty"

We're loathe to post two videos in a row, but of course last night's tribute to Mr. Ruane was unplanned and certainly important. Today we have the video for London quartet Yuck's fantastic, shoegazey b-side "The Base Of A Dream Is Empty." The song is overdriven, melodic and a bit understated, but in a completely wonderful way; download the MP3 right here. "The Base Of A Dream Is Empty" will appear on the forthcoming "Georgia" single being released by Fat Possum in the U.S. Nov. 23 [pre-order!], and it also appears on the Rubber EP being released in the UK this coming Monday by The Pharmacy Recording Company, as we first wrote here earlier this month. Fat Possum intends to release in early 2011 Yuck's debut full-length recording, the title of which has not yet been disclosed.

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