May 7, 2011

And Then Some Days We Get Awesome Mail 10

Johnny Foreigner Frisbeep and t-shirts
This is technically two separate packages, but they came on consecutive days and we think you'll agree there is a theme. So first, we have Alcopop! and Johnny Foreigner's hopefully trend-setting and ridiculously great frisbee EP, Certain Songs Are Cursed. We were wondering exactly how the disc was affixed to the frisbee, as boring as that sounds, and for those of you not fortunate to get this item (it sold out in fewer than 24 hours), here is the answer: there is a spindle off-center on the underside. Fascinating, right? The music on the CD, of course, is the bigger attraction here, and hopefully you've already heeded our review and acquired the music; while the physical item is long gone, the MP3s can be purchased via Alcopop! right here. The last frame of our graphic contains pics of the Birmingham, England-based noise pop demigods' two latest tour shirts, which the band was kind enough to send across the pond in exchange for our American currency. Need some JoFo gear? We thought you might. Check out the tour shirts and et cetera at the trio's BigCartel dojo right here.

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Ed said...

Not sure it's supposed to be off-centre! Mine is right in the middle!