June 19, 2011

Pleased To Meet: Faculties

We don't imagine there is a more die-hard (die-hardier? with a vengeance, sir) Haywood fan out there than us. Consequently, we spend a preposterous amount of time and energy wondering when we will hear new music from any of the band's principals, as Haywood has been mostly dead and/or not-quite alive for a decade now. And so we are very pleased to report multi-instrumentalist Rob Viola, who manned the drum kit for the late, great 'Wood, has returned with myriad ambient electronic and electropop projects. Many of these operate under the nom de guerre Statikluft, and we've been living with a lot of Statikluft music for months and months. But, much to our surprise, Mr. Viola has commissioned a new vessel with vocalist Vinny Lopez called Faculties, and the Brooklyn-based duo's first offering, the song "Weekend Warrior," is a dense, deep hybrid of deli-sliced beats, sinewy guitar and synth hooks, shot through with plenty of ghosts in the machine.

The story goes that Mssrs. Viola and Lopez met when the former was impressed by the latter's karaoke rendition of "Everybody's Talkin'," a prominent tune from the soundtrack to the film Midnight Cowboy; surprisingly, Faculties is Lopez' first band. "Weekend Warrior" leads off Faculties' forthcoming self-titled EP and it is gorgeously arrayed and exquisitely textured and if you are fans of acts like Arc In Round or White Laces, you are going to be very, very excited about this. Below is an embed of the tune to stream or download; the full EP is expected to drop next month. Everyone, this is Faculties. Faculties, this is everyone.

FACULTIES - Weekend Warrior

Faculties: Interzizzles | Facebook | Vimeo | Soundcloud

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