June 2, 2011

Today's Hotness: Sun Airway, Antiques

Sun Airway
>> Contemporary dream pop giants Sun Airway disclosed today that Dead Oceans will issue in July a new 7" single from the Philly-based act. The single features the songs "Wild Palms" and "Symphony In White, No. 2;" both will be available at the usual digital storefronts this coming Tuesday. In a twist that we love, the songs will not debut at a blog, but on TERRESTRIAL RADIO SUCKAH! Philadelphia's WXPN gets the honor, and the songs will be played on Dave P's Making Time radio show Friday from 7-9PM, which yes, of course, you can stream right here. Dig it. Sun Airway recently wrapped a short tour supporting Asobi Seksu, and plays a special multimedia event Friday night in Philadelphia at the First Unitarian Church. Tickets and more information is posted right here.

>> While it isn't flawless, there is enough loose jangle and stray slack on Antiques' forthcoming, enigmatically titled JWNS that we keep listening. Lo-fi is the order of the day, but fortunately Antiques has the songs to back it up. Album opener "Turn Me Loose" (not a Loverboy cover), "Letter #2" and "Making Friends" carry the pleasant stale-beer smell of Bob Pollard sketches. The latter song we like in particular because of the vocal production; there is an interesting breathiness and reverb and layering going on. And when the big guitar chords (underpinned by some organ? Or are we just hearing things now?) kick in, "Making Friends" reveals itself to be an anthemic mid-tempo sparkler. For something a little more peppy, fractured and emo, we direct your attention to the big, diaphanous strummer "ETC." Antiques is based in at least three cities presently, which we expect makes it difficult for the band members to stop by to borrow a pack of Ernie Balls or smokes or whatnot. Despite that distance, JWNS -- which is slated for release June 28 -- will be Antiques' fourth full length (the band began life as an outfit called Sparrowhawk in 2003, apparently). The band's Tumblr jokes that tour dates are "coming never," but there also appears to be a live shot from Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge, so maybe if you all wish very hard... In the meantime, check out the embed of "Making Friends" below.

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