July 22, 2012

This Is Happening: WFNX Boston Accents Funeral Party Three-Night Throwdown Tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday

WFNX Boston Accents Funeral Party Three-Night Throwdown etc.

So this, quite obviously, and to quote the late, great LCD Soundsystem, this is happening. Three nights, twelve bands, DJs, beers, tea, pickles, and everyone you've ever known, sweating it out to the newies to celebrate the life and times of Boston's WFNX and the station's long-running local music showcase Boston Accents. In a fitting tribute, live sets the next three days will come from the titans of Now Boston, including Clicky Clicky faves Earthquake Party! Monday night and Soccer Mom Tuesday night. It's all going to be epic.

We are honored to have been asked along with our usual new-music disc-slinger Brad Almanac to DJ between the live sets of the Funeral Party Tuesday night. And we've already curated killer playlists that sum up our favorite Boston music of the last 20 years. Not exactly easy to do, but certainly a lot of fun. We're guessing that you can't guess what the first song we play will be. Here's an anagram: Bagpiper Abort. How is there not an actual Boston band called Bagpiper Abort? Life, man smh...

There was a time when you could buy a three-day pass to this titanic soirée, and that time may have passed you by: we don't know. What we do know is attendance to this is non-optional. We all felt the icy grip of the lobotomized radio overground Friday at 7PM when WFNX's final DJ signed off and the station went on terrestrial death-support. We can rock that feeling away. Be at Great Scott tomorrow night when the FP kicks off, stick around through Wednesday to feel the full effect of the high, and then, well, take the rest of the week off, because face it, you're going to be wasted at that point.

Do stop by the DJ booth Tuesday night. We'll play one for you (sort of/not really). And speaking of playing: Boston Accents' own Michael Marotta pieced together a digital comp to celebrate and promote the Funeral Party, with one track from each of the 12 acts performing. You can stream the whole thing via the embed below. Turn it on. Turn it on, turn it on again. Here's the Facebook event page. And because we just can't help ourselves: here's The Cure performing "Funeral Party" from their epoch-defining, absolutely un-eff-withable 1981 album Faith. It's not "Let's Go To Bed," but it is the more appropriate number. Maybe?

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