July 14, 2012

YouTube Rodeo: Good Dangers' Patient Pop "Dress You"

Still, Good Dangers makes us wait. Embedded above we have a live rendering of the London-based quintet's very pretty ballad "Dress You," filmed in a church in Shoreditch, fronter Gavin Dwight and band confident within the solemn setting, laying it down, the bassist plain grooving at one point, mindless of the surroundings. It's affecting and sweet guitar pop, mildy hypnotic with its repetitions and perfect for these summer nights where the sun is down and the windows thrown open but the sweat won't quite stop. Good Dangers here exhibit the element of restraint in its music that underscores its growing musical maturity; indeed, gone are the bash-and-pop days of pre-cursor band Assembly Now. The Dangers have been biding their time over the last few years, building up a formidable repertoire: the sublime single "DFYF" was issued this past March and the digital split "So Unkind" a year ago. But it all leaves us wanting more -- when will there be a full-length? We're left to just press repeat over and over and wait it out, like we're waiting for the heat to break.

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