March 19, 2013

New Music Night 9 with DJs Brad Almanac + Jay Clicky Clicky | River Gods | 21 March

New Music Night 9 With Brad Almanac And Jay Clicky Clicky

Endless winter. It's the stuff of a sci-fi/fantasy novel. So perhaps you need to view your Thursday night as a quest. Not for a magical orb or enchanted ring, but for new music. And so it is fortuitous for civilization as we know it that New Music Night returns for its ninth manifestation Thursday, March 21, at River Gods in Cambridge, Mass. And like the little talking bear that for some reason wears pants but not boots in our daughter's story book, we can smell something. Only what we smell is the end of the endless winter: come smell it with us. Your faithful aural tour guides de rock for NMN continue to be Brad of Bradley's Almanac and Jay of Clicky Clicky, and it all happens from 9PM-1AM. So it's not just the place to be, it's the place to listen. Also, beer. For a sense of what you're getting into, check out Brad's playlist from the December event, or our very own. Solid. Sold? Thinking about it? Here's the Facebook event page, why not click on over and pledge your allegiance?

River Gods
125 River Street
Cambridge, MA

Accessible via Red Line at Central Square.

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