July 31, 2013

YouTube Rodeo: Big Deal's Color-Drenched "Dream Machines"

Way back in May we were figuratively spinning Big Deal's terrific new record June Gloom a lot, and one of the tunes we exalted as an album highlight was the sparkling, big-beat anthem "Dream Machines." Not long after, the tune was designated the second single from the London-based quartet's sophomore set, and now, months later, it finally has a video clip to go along with it. As best as we can tell (who knows who really donned the monster suits in the first promo video from June Gloom, for the prior single "In Your Car"), the clip is the first to feature all four members of Big Deal as it is presently configured; the band began its run as simply the duo of Kasey Underwood and Alice Costelloe way back in 2010. Indeed, the opening pastiche of images captured in the still supra prominently features Huw Webb's bass guitar at the top of the frame, which may be as much a signal of Big Deal's relatively recent conversion to "band-ness" as it is of "Dream Machines"'s reliance on a foundation of fuzz-bass to drive home the tune's titanic choruses. Most of the video -- directed by a chap named Errol Rainey of the Bonzo Collective -- is pulled straight from the playbook of classic MTV visual style circa 1985, including bits of the band goofing on CCTV, shooting hoops, pulling peace signs and lip-synching the tune, all drenched in over-saturated color and rendered beautifully grainy. Mute released June Gloom June 4, and we reviewed the set for Vanyaland right here. Does this album have another single in it? Only time will tell, but, if so, we would not be surprised to see opener "Golden Light" or the closing power ballad "Close Your Eyes" get the honors. The video for "Dream Machines" embedded above premiered at Vice's Noisey yesterday.

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